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Rapid-growing group of multidisciplinary Saudi companies that serve a rapid-growth market. Established in Riyadh with a global vision fueled by ambitious team of experts.

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Multiple business units, bonded with a unified vision

Wethaq group is a group of companies based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. and was founded in the year 2011 by the Saudi entrepreneur Sattam bin Abdullah Al-Qahtani.

The group's headquarters is located in Riyadh city, that witnessed the beginning of Wethaq group first activity in real estate investment and contracting. The company maintains a diversified real estate portfolio with main focus on commercial buildings.

The management of Wethaq group is interested in diversifying the fields of work by engaging in various activities to diversify income.

So the second company to join Wethaq group was Top Car that specializing in automotive trading and it was established in 2014, and within few years it has become one of the leading Saudi car trading companies. and the group continue adding new business fields to its portfolio.

We seek business excellence through continuous quality improvement, Integrity and sincerity in work.

Leaded by vision, backed by values to accomplish our mission

Sattam Alqahtany Wethaq Founder

Speech from the group's founder:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and to develop our present, we must set a clear vision for our future.

Yesterday, our beginning was simple, but today we have a variety of commercial activities, based on solid foundations supported by applying the latest management systems.

Now we are not only aspire to expand locally and regionally, but also discover and expand to the global markets.

Sattam Alqahtani - Founder of Wethaq Group



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The vision of Topcar automotive company has always been consistent with the needs and aspirations of its distinguished customers, Who use our products and services throughout the Kingdom.

The company has been established in 2014, and since that time we have been working hard to reach the highest levels of satisfaction, whether from our customers or our employees, without compromising on constantly updating the quality of the products and services provided.

Our principles have always made us superior to our competitors; During our work, we enjoy a close relationship with our distinguished clients.

Dova Care

Dova Care, has been founded in in 2015. to provide the best collection of high-end skin care brands, such as Vani Cream and BRTC. The dedication and excellence at Dova Care extends to every product we offer, ensuring credibility and trust in Dova Care for your skin care needs.

Whether you are looking for specialized treatments or daily essentials, the Dova Care website is your gateway to exploring the world of skin care. Helping customers to reveal their skin’s true potential with Dova Care.

Dova Care is the trusted partner to provide premium skin and hair care products for B2B and B2C sectors.

Auto Care

After the strong and resounding entry into the world of Automotive trading by the Topcar company The group - which never stops growing - looked at its new goal, which is to provide maintenance at the highest levels and compete with all local and international maintenance centers and agencies.

Therefore, effort, capital and human resources were directed towards our new project, “Car Care”, which is an integrated maintenance center for Haval cars, it has been established in 2021 with the first branch in the city of Jizan,.

And we are on our way to a more comprehensive and stronger expansion to open more service centers.

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Auto Mask

We had a vision that all our customers should enjoy the distinguished services related to car accessories in terms of protection and luxury, so we established the Car Mask Company in 2021 to provide premium levels of protection and luxury for cars.

The implementation of protective films, insulation and Nano-ceramic is supervised by a fully specialized team of technicians at the highest levels.

Wethaq Real Estate

Wethaq Real Estate Company has been established in 2013 with the aim of enhancing the real estate market strongly due to the extensive experience of the group’s management.

Wethaq real estate company has several goals and activities, including:

Dova Medical Complex

As a multidisciplinary business group, Wethaq has paid a great attention to the medical sector.

Dova Medical Complex provides its clients with a wide variety of medical services including dentistry, dermatology, cosmetic and laser.

Wethaq group tries to fulfil this expanding market needs via its team of expert doctors.

Vision & Goal

As a result of Wethaq group rapid expansion to regional and Global Markets, the group has established, Vision & Goal company in Dubai, the company is specialized in medical products distribution specially skin and hair care products.

We are cooperating with our success partners to raise the standards of skin and hair care products in Arab gulf markets, and also facilitate the purchase process of both end users and retailers.

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شاحنة نقل سيارات

Nawaqel Alarabt

Wethaq Group established the Vehicle Transport Company (Nawaqel Alarabat), with a fleet of heavy and medium transport vehicles to speed up transportation operations between Topcar branches and its warehouses, as well as between Topcar showrooms and customers’ homes, which increase the interconnection between the group’s companies. .

The Vehicle Transport Company (Nawaqel Alarabt) also provides car transportation services to car trading companies and showrooms throughout the Kingdom for transporting cars individually (by flatbed trucks) or in groups (by big trailers).

Change Industry

In order to expand its’ business in the field of automotive trade in various regions of Saudi Arabia, Wethaq Group established the Change Industry Company to serve a larger number of customers on a broader geographical scale.

The company is located in the Al-Qadisiyah district, which is well-known for having the largest car market in Riyadh, that makes it easy for customers to visit it and choose from among the available car models that suit all customer requirements.

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